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Extra Large Heavy Duty Pet Exercise Pen 32 inch Dog Playpen and Pet Play Yard
Extra Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen and Pet play Yard for indoors and outdoors use.

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Product Code: XL-XPEN-HD-32

Free Shipping! The largest, most stable heavy duty pet exercise playpen on the market. Create a secure pet play yard that is easy to setup, take down or reconfigure as your backyard needs change. Panels can be used to create a fence to wall off small areas or to protect air conditioning units from male marking and damaging the coils.

The Extra Large 32" heavy duty x-pen is built from sturdy 1/2" Tube Steel Frame, so that it is difficult to tip over, but easy to setup, reconfigure and breakdown. With 16 - 31.5" wide panels, the X-Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for the active dog, puppy or rabbit. It is easy to set up, and you have tons of way to configure it for both indoor or outdoor containment. Lightweight and portable,it is ideal for RVs and travel - setup a portable dog run for your pets in minutes wherever you go!

No tools are required to set these pens up, and the exercise pen can be built in 5 minutes. Ideal for separating puppies from big dogs and potty training (teach your dog what area of the yard you want him to potty in). The double latches on the two gates keep your pup safe and secure. Can also be configured as two pens: consider creating a small indoor pen and large outdoor run.

Perfect for the homeowner without a fenced yard; the heavy duty exercise pen can become a permanent fixture in the back yard. The connecting pins can be pressed into soft earth for added stability. Can also be used to wall of areas of the yard or to protect air conditioning compressors from male dog "hiking." It can also be used indoors to create safe spaces in open floor plan homes. Add rubber feet to the panels and keep your dog out of the dining area or away from valuable furniture and antiques.

  • Includes 16 panels, 2 with gates
  • Each Panel is 32" High, 31" Wide
  • Tool Free Setup
  • Two easy to open doors each with two latches
  • Heavy Duty 1/2" Tube Frame.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Up to 75 square foot play area
  • Ships in two boxes for easy handling
  • Benton H - Ideal for keeping the dogs and wild things out of our vegetable garden. I am sure it would work great for keeping things inside of it too. lol

    Jon K - This fence was a great purchase for our Golden Doodle puppy. I actually bought three, since it is so versatile. We have 2 and a half across our side yard, and part of another in our kitchen. I reconfigure the fence when the gardeners come or whenever we have visitors.

    James Craig -
    We were having a terrible problem with deer eating everything in our vegetable garden. I looked at some of the plastic ring options with deer netting on them, but decided to give this portable fencing a try. It worked perfectly. With the two gates, we can access the garden easily from either side, and for heavy work, just pull out the pin and swing a panel open to access our crop. We did drape some deer netting over the top just to be safe. Now we only have the insects to worry about!

    Sue Kelly - I purchased this pen to hold a young kitten for some outside romps and grass eating time while she is growing, temporarily until the point that she can defend herself. At only six weeks of age, she discovered how to climb out in only two days. Not to be deterred, I had my Home Depot cut acrylic panels to fit across each panel of the pen and from the top, downward 14 inches. My kitten is now 9 weeks old and is no longer able to get out as she can climb the horizontal wire of the pen only to run into acrylic as she moves upwards. By the time she's old enough to jump to the top (which would be necessary to escape now) she will be big enough and old enough to protect herself from predators. I am exceptionally pleased with the pen. Assembly was a no-brainer; I highly recommend this pen to hold rabbits, puppies and kittens with the modification I described above.

    Jerry K - We love this pen. It is exactly what we had hoped it would be; it's sturdy enough to hold our three dogs outdoors. We plan on buying another to enlarge their play area. It was easy to setup, take down and move.
    The only con: The shipping box was in rough shape and a hole in the package allowed for one of the connecting rods to poke through bend. No big problem, they sent me a replacement rod, after I sent a photo, so just had to wait a week to get it fully setup.

    Colleen C - I got more than I expected on this purchase; it is a substantial product. I brought it in by opening the box and bringing in 4 panels at a time. Each of panels is connected by a single rod which is easily removed, so you can use as many of the panels as you need at a given time. It's easy to break down and store. The rods which connect the panels are great for taking the pen outside because it allows you to push them into the ground for added strength to the structure.

    John Morgan - We are using sections of this playpen indoors to keep pups out of the living room / dining room area, since we have large arched doorways that are too big for traditional gates. It has worked out great; the two gaits let us access the area from either doorway without having to dismantle the fencing.

    K. S. This exercise pen is very easy to put together. You can shape it a number of different ways; doesn't always have to be in a circle. It's lightweight, making it easy to take outside (when it's sunny) and bring back inside (when it's rainy). Very happy that I purchased this exercise pen for my dogs.

    AussieLovers -
    Simply put, these are without a doubt the best play pens on the market. We are breeders and have about a dozen sets now and they can be used for so many different purposes.
    They are made so much better than any other pen we have tried over the years, and they last forever. The rods that hold them together can get bent easily in shipping (send photos of bent rods to ask for replacements), but are still so convenient and the pens can be taken apart and moved around so easily. If you set the pen up to be permanent, I do not use the rods and replace them with small bolts and nuts and this does away with the rods and makes the pen very solid.

    Excellent product well made and well worth the extra $ if you are thinking about buying the economy play pens that are half the price.

    Sarah A.
    This pen is very well made and simple to set up. We bought it to yard train our new puppy. She started doing her business the first day. She still goes in it now after 4 months. Love it.

    Sean Wilson - Boxes came pretty beat up. One was torn open a a couple of rods were missing ans one was sticking out bent. Emailed Petgiftsonline and they quickly sent out 6 replacement rods. Just had to wait to get all of the panels setup, but now it looks good, and the dogs love it.

    Jenny M -
    I love this pet playpen. We have used this so many times now and I can't imagine not having it. Our last foster dog had surgery, and this was perfect for him to relax in while still being in the living room with us. I love that you can configure it many different ways and adjust the size by adding or removing panels. It is very easy to set up and break down, and does not take up a lot of room when storing. You can buy multiples and add them to make them even bigger to put outside.

    Claire H. - We have two small dogs, both under 20 pounds. we had the 40" tall pen for several years outside and while it had held up well, we were ready for one with fresh paint - they get little cracks in the paint a get some rust spots over time, plus the connecting rods get worked by the dogs jumping on the panels and they lost paint and got rusty too. We decided to go with the 32 height this time, and it has worked out great. They are not as heavy and easier to move around when we are having a backyard event. I expect these to last another 4 years. (we kept a few of the old panels incase we want to set it up even bigger, they will tie right in, just 8 inches taller. Great value.

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