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48 inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate In Granite Finish Free Shipping
Indestructible Portable Heavy Duty Crate 48 inch with 2 doors and wheels.

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Free Shipping! The Lion Cage Heavy Duty Dog crate is a professional grade dog crate that will withstand the tests of time and determined escape artists. Can be used to transport pets ringside at dog shows, and a top can be added to it to turn it into a grooming station as well.

Excellent for dogs with extreme separation anxiety issues, the bars cannot be pried apart and they hold up to chewing. Features:

*Two Doors - One opens from the front to allow your pet to walk in, the other opens from the top to allow you easy access to the crate without pet escaping.
*Bottom grate with a pan underneath to collect waste; Pan can be removed and cleaned while pet remains in the crate.
*Tough Granite enamel finish - Long-lasting finish
*Heavy duty 3/4" square steel tube frame; Tough wire bars
*Heavy duty locking wheels (removable)

Pet compartment dimensions: 34 3/4"(w) x 22 3/8"(d) x 23"(h); Overall dimensions: 36 3/8"(w) x (24"(d) x 29 3/8"(h)The crate is 48" Long, 33" High and 37" Wide. This item comes in 36", 42" and 48"
  • Carol F. - Keep in mind if you have a dog like mine (suffers severe seperation anxiety) you basically need to start from scratch, which is what I did. I warmed her up to staying in the crate over the course of about six weeks. She eats and sleeps in it, so she associates it with relaxation. The first time I left she did freak out - she peed and pulled the curtains into the crate with her, but after she figured out she couldn't break the crate she calmed down. I can watch her on video when I leave, and she literally sleeps the entire time I'm gone now.

    THANK YOU to the makers of this crate - I can now leave my dog without feeling guilty or worrying for her safety. This crate is sturdy and 100% worth the money.JWW - This has been great for Akitas who weren't crate trained, and end up in rescue because of their behavior while being loose in the house. Wire and plastic airline crates just don't cut it - these crates, and we now have three of them, are a God send! The first one's latch holes didn't line up so we have to put a luggage lock on the top and door but it still gets the job done - the other two weren't that way (without factory defect).

    Clark F -
    This is really a massive crate; the wheels make it usable for my wife and the maid to clean around it. Our dog is crate trained, so the wire mesh bottom with tray underneath was not necessary, so we put the metal man inside the crate instead of in the slideout area beneath the main cabin. We don't have anxiety issues, but were tired of replacing wire crates that were bending and popping when our boy leaned against the sides. He is a Dogue De Bordeaux, and these rods are holding up to his weight when he plops down against the sides. The bars are hollow metal, so I would expect that a determined dog could bend or break them given 8 hours to try. If you have anxiety issues, train your dog to learn to love his crate; Fritz loves his!

    Neils P. _
    We bought this crate, because our dog kept breaking out of our metal wire crate that you purchased at the big box pet store. He's over 50 lb, A pointer lab mix with jaws of Steel. We got this crate for him and started doing sensitivity training for when we leave. It gives him lots of room and comfort and we are able to order a pad that fits it perfectly. The first time in it he tried to tear his way out. The bars while exceptionally thick are Hollow he was able to bend and puncture one but not actually pull it out or pull it inward. Once he realized he couldn't get out, combined with our sensitivity training our problems were solved. Overall the crate worked well. It's not as high-quality as some other creates we seen that cost nearly $$$$ but for the money we spent it served us very well.

    Harlan R. -
    Great quality, well made crate. It's heavy but it holds up the best compared to traditional crates. My dog has wind and thunderstorm anxiety pretty bad so this is holds her in pretty securely.

    Ben M -
    Easy to assemble, arrived in perfect condition, and it holds 2 grown labs comfortably. My escape artist is unable to break out of this kennel. I was concerned when I read some of the reviews, but risked it and ordered it anyway. Glad I did. highly recommended.

    Jerry F. -
    Wonderful, but my German Shepherd could unlock it. I bought some chains and clips and fixed that easily. Otherwise, perfect and safe.

    Kay J. -
    This thing does keep my escape artist German shepherd in, but only because I devised a chain for the door. She destroyed the latches the first day and bent the bars like you wouldn't believe. They are hollow, not very strong. The thing looks pretty embarrassing now LOL. I am going to buy an Impact crate or two or three. This thing would be best used for a parrot or a soft dog, not for dogs with separation anxiety..

    Tracy B -
    We've had the crate now for over a month, and it has worked out perfectly. Our 80 pound pit bull, who completely destroyed every other crate that we purchased, has not even put a dent in this crate. In addition to that, he loves being in it. Best crate we have ever purchased. I highly recommend it.

    Krista K - My 35lb adult American Bull Terrier mix defeated this cage. The top bars are weaker than the sides and she was able to bend them enough to be able to squeeze out between the bars.

    James - Craig - This crate is exactly what I needed for my destructive husky-mix! I tried other crates before, and my dog always got out of them or chewed through them, it was a nightmare. This one is robust and strong, there is no way my dog will get out of it and it was not hard to put together. The size I got is HUGE, simply great for my pup (plus my other dog who joins him in there comfortably). I would recommend this crate to anyone and for any dog!!

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