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Cat toys with fur, feather lasers cat nip and interactive games.
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Play N Squeak Batting Practice Booda Bone 2 knot rope toy
The ultimate kitty entertainment toy. See the video below to watch cats go wild for this toy!  

Indulge your “home alone” cat’s preying instincts with “Batting Practice.”  The tethered mouse is suspended from the top of a door and will dance and bounce with each swat of your cat’s paw.  The electronic RealMouse sound module "squeak" will keep them entertained for hours! Hanger tension adjusts to fit any standard door.    Add to a gift basket or purchase separately
The durable Booda Bone 2 knot rope toy is great for tug and fetch games.  Promotes dental health and provides a pawsitive outlet for puppy teething! Cats enjoy it too, just add a little catnip and you have an intereactive toy for your sophisticated feline.
10.5" long