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Cat Treats selected by Wags and Whiskers for Your Fickle Feline Include:

Healthy Organic Catnip, Oats, Herbs and Grasses to promote digestive health , delicious Dental Chews, palatable Joint Supplements, low calorie Tuna Treats, Salmon Treats, and Chicken Treats all made in the USA. Treat your cat to a nutritious, low calorie snack everyday. Scroll down to learn more about six healthy treating tips for cats.

Six Considerations for Healthy Cat Treats: 
  •  Moderation is the key to treating your cat. Many experts agree that treats should not make up more than 10% of your cat’s diet. If your cat loves treats, and you can’t resist temptation, increase your cat’s activity through interactive toys. Feather teasers and laser lights can get your cat to those burn extra calories and earn those extra rewards. 
  • Go Green – Cats require fresh grasses or herbs to aid in their digestion. Of course, sometimes that also means a hairball is coming up as well. Grow fresh grasses on a window sill near your cat’s favorite sleeping spot. The grass will provide needed fiber, and help Kitty eliminate the unwanted hair that builds up naturally from self-cleaning. 
  • Rewards for Unpleasant Chores – Reward your kitty with a treat after unpleasant experiences such as bathing, claw trimming or a trip to the vet. 
  • No More Table Scraps – Cats can gain weight quickly eating human table scraps. What seems like a small piece of bacon to us, is a Big Mac for a cat. If your cat is putting on weight, look for low calorie cat treats. They are high in flavor and scent, but lower in caloric content than most human foods. 
  • Hidden Supplements – As Cats age, they can acquire joint disease and have issues with urinary tract infections. Look for treats that contain glucosomine and condroitin as both of these supplements address joint issues as well as support urinary tract health. 
  • Dental Health – While many people have begun brushing their dog’s teeth, this is generally a difficult proposition with a cat. Newly formulated Greenies for Felines are more palatable, and use enzymes to naturally remove tartar from Kitty’s teeth.