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73" Cat Tower and Cat Tree House and Kitty Condo Scratching Post
Large base stable cat tree.  The largest cat tree furniture available

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Ideal for multi-cat households, this cat tower is the largest on the market in this configuration. Ask any cat; the higher up the better!

The tree has two spacious cat condos for kitties to hide in. Three high perches and two extra levels give cats a safe place to nap while watching the animal wildlife out of the window.

The large base cat tree provides ultimate stability, while kitties climb and leap from level to level. Ideal for multi-cat homes; multiple perches for climbing and jumping and two kitty apartments with reinforced corner supports makes the perfect resting spot.

Cats love to climb, and with this cat tower, your cat will be on top of the world! The ramps and sisal posts provide your cat with plenty of places to sharpen his claws and stretch his muscles. Combine with another cat tree to create a kitty jungle gym!

  • Condo Height: 73"
  • Post Diameter: 3"
  • Base Dimension: 27" x 24"
  • Large Cat House Dimension: 20"(L) x 15"(W) x 12"(H)
  • Small Cat House Dimension: 15"(L) x 12"(W) x 10"(H)
See how cats use cat trees in this time lapse video!
  • Kelly K. - Easy to put together and very stable. The ladders are not really useful, since the cats just jump when they want to get to the next level. Sisal is holding up very well too. It has a bigger base than my last tree, so it seems more stable. Happy with my purchase!

    Mary M -
    I have four young cats, and the three males are very active and play aggressively. They loved this stand instantly, but the great thing is that even though they rough-house on it, they are also very mellow on it. They love sleeping in the perches and are very calm when they are resting there.

    Sara K - MY CATS LOVE IT! I saw that this cat tree had over a hundred positive reviews on another site, so ordered one. I assembled it in less than 30 minutes. This tree is a sturdy, solid stand IF YOU MAKE SURE TO TIGHTEN PROPERLY. It is hefty, but very easy to move around on a smooth floor. I have four young cats, and the three males are very active and play aggressively. They loved this stand instantly and the box it came in too, but the great thing is that even though they rough-house on it, they are also very mellow on it. They love sleeping in the perches and are very calm when they are resting there (see photo). I keep it near the window so they can look out all day long and lounge in the sun.

    The material is not carpet, but a kind of plush covering, but no matter as they use the many sisal posts to scratch on. The underlying material is a kind of particle board vs. plywood, which is great because you can staple lots of other hanging toys from different places.

    My cats range in weight from 11-13 pounds and it is plenty big enough for them, including the perches.

    The other reason I got this was for my 4th cat's health. She is a female rescue who has had ongoing lung problems; she was always hiding under beds and avoiding the males which complicated her condition, given that I have tile floors that are impossible to keep dust free. After seeing that new show "My Cat from Hell" I liked the advice about giving cats a high place to go. It worked. It took her several days, but she got used to the tree and is now on it, and off the ground, most of the time. She has, as in the TV show, become more relaxed, friendly, and approachable. She plays more, and now the stuff in her lungs is clearly loose and getting coughed up. The best part is that for the first time since she was a kitten she has started purring again.

    I cannot say enough what this silly tree did for all my cats' morale and quality of life. I plan on buying a second one so they have a bigger area on which to hang out. And the toy mouse that it came with is STILL hanging, on after being attacked repeatedly by all 4 cats!

    Update: as of today, 9/30/11, the mouse is still attached despite heaps of abuse. One of the top towers got a bit wobbly from the cats'rough play, so an easy fix was to get a dowel, some washers and screws, and I just attached the dowel from the bottom of the perch into the deck near the post, and it shored up the perch. total cost was around $3 for materials and took less than five minutes. My cats love this thing.

    Update: 1/6/12, stand is still going strong, mouse is still attached!
    Update: 6/15, stand is still my cats' favorite place, and the mouse is still attached!!!

    Kelly A -
    I've been going back and forth for months as to whether to buy a cat tree for my two cats. I have a relatively small apartment, and I try to keep it looking decent, and usually cat furniture is just ugly. I finally gave in, and I'm glad I did. As cat trees go, this one is unobtrusive for its size. I think this is due to the design, which has more flat platforms than bulky cubbies. Also, because the carpet is more like fleece and less like the kind of carpet that is normally used on cat furniture, it has a more delicate look to it.Madcatter - My boyfriend bought this for our two cats just about year ago as they approached one year of age. They absolutely loved it, and couldn't stay off it while it was being constructed. They loved the box it came in too lol. Assembly was relatively easy, It's sturdy, it can wobble, but trust me it's not going anywhere.We had added a third to our family of fur babies and they all truly enjoy it. I'd recommend this product for any cat lover who's looking for a great toy for their cat!!