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Choose from the widest variety of Cat Tree Houses and Cat Towers: Including Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Houses, Kitty Condos, Cat Towers, Cat Trees and Kitty Perches

Wags and Whiskers Gifts selects only the highest quality, most durable cat house furnishings for your cat. We invite you to browse our collection of unique cat trees, cat scratching posts, towers and kitty condos, designed to promote Kitty’s exercise and safety while satisfying your cat's need to climb, scratching and sleep in high places. Each of our cat house designs comes in a variety of colors and configurations. Choose from traditional beige, pink, paw print design or leopard faux fur. Treat your cat to something special – your home will thank you too!

All of our cat tree houses and scratchers are easy to assemble; the only problem you may run into is keeping your kitty off of it while you are putting your new cat tree together!

Cat Tree Buyers Guide:
  • For families with multiple cats choose a cat tree with multiple perches and cat houses for maximum privacy.
  • The larger the base, the more stable the platform will be.
  • A large cat house placed near the bottom increase the stability of the cat tower.
  • For added stability and interest place the cat tower in a corner near a window.
  • You may want to consider adding additional units and joining them together to create a kitty jungle room.

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70" Cat Tree and  Kitty Condo Scratching Post Beige Large base stable cat tree.  The largest cat tree furniture available 80" Tall Cat Tower, Tree House, Kitty Condo and Scratching Post
70" Cat Tree and Kitty Condo Scratching Post Beige
List Price: $159.00
Our Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $135.00
Savings: $30.00
73" Cat Tower and Cat Tree House and Kitty Condo Scratching Post
List Price: $159.00
Our Price: $139.00
Savings: $20.00
80" Tall Cat Tower, Tree House, Kitty Condo and Scratching Post
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $149.99
Savings: $19.01
Tall, stable cat tree for multiple cats 4 colors
79" Cat Tree Bed Furniture Scratching Tower Post Condo Play Pet House Light Gray
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $149.99
Savings: $19.01

Cat Scratch Fever – Why Cats Need to Scratch and Peer Down on Us From High Places

When we see cats scratching, whether it is on furniture and carpets or posts and trees outdoors, we assume that they are sharpening their claws and exercising the delicate muscles and tendons in their feet and arms. While they are indeed doing the above, this is not their main purpose in scratching. Research reveals that cats are primarily leaving sign posts for their neighbors and those they share their homes with. Scratching, as it turns out, is a form of communication.

Cats have scent glands in their paws that announce “Kitty-Roy was here.” It appears that the more mess they make with their scratching, the better the communication they are enjoying with the world. Typically cats will select several outlets for distribution of the news of their activities, and they will return to them on a regular basis, to renew their scent and update the neighborhood news. Here are several techniques to channel their journalism in a more acceptable direction that will protect your furniture, doorways and carpets.

  • Place scratching posts and cat houses in Kitty’s favorite napping areas, so she will be able to stretch as soon as she wakes up.
  • Place the cat house with a scratching post near a window, so kitty can watch the wildlife from on high.
  • Don’t grab your cat’s paws and try to smear his scent on the new scratching post – it won’t encourage kitty to use the post.
  • Instead, encourage kitty to scratch by rubbing the scratching posts with Catnip, and dangling a toy or feather teaser over the area you want scratched. Once they have willing placed their scent on that area, they will be more likely to return to it.

If you already have an issue with Kitty scratching on inappropriate objects, clean the area with mild detergent, and after it dries cover it with aluminum foil or thick plastic. The new surface will have not have the same desirable shredding effect that aids in communicating your Kitty’s recent presence.

Why So High Wild Thing? Cats enjoy lounging in high, warm places. Their origins as desert animals dictate that they enjoy a place in the sun, and the higher the better. Their hunting and survival instincts were born out of their ability to effectively leap and climb after their prey. Sleeping in high places is therefore another survival instinct passed down from their wild ancestors, allowing cats in the wild to rest peacefully while hiding from predators. To maximize your kitty’s enjoyment of her new cat tree house, place it in an area where it will receive several hours of sun each day.