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Extra Large Heavy Duty Pet Pen 40 inch Dog Playpen, Fence Panels
Extra Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen and pet kennel for indoor and outdoor use
Indoor and Outdoor Extra Large Pet Playpen for puppies, medium dogs, rabbits and chickens

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Product Code: XL-XPEN-HD-40

XL - Extra Large Steel Pet Playpen for Indoor & Outdoor use.

Absolutely the most stable, heavy duty pet exercise playpen on the market. Create a secure pet play yard that is easy to setup, take down or reconfigure as your backyard needs change.

With two gates, you can create an indoor secure area, as well as an outdoor pet playpen. Each gate has a hinged door with two latches for extra security.

16 Panels can be used to create a fence to wall off small areas, gardens or to protect air conditioning units from male marking and damaging the coils. The connecting rod system allows for 180 degree turning radius per panel, to give you the maximum flexibilty in desgining your pen to fit your specific landscape needs.

The Extra Large 40" heavy duty x-pen is built from sturdy 1/2" Tube Steel Frame, so that it is difficult to tip over, but easy to setup, reconfigure and breakdown.

With 16 - 31.5" wide panels, the X-Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for the active dog, puppy, ducks, chickens or rabbits. So easy to set up, and you have tons of way to configure it for both indoor or outdoor containment. Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for RVs and travel - setup a portable dog run for your pets in minutes wherever you go!

No tools are required to set these pens up, and the exercise pen can be built in 10 minutes. Ideal for separating puppies from big dogs or potty training (teach your dog what area of the yard you want him to potty in). The double latches on the two gates keep your pup safe and secure. It can also be configured as two pens: consider creating a small indoor pen and large outdoor run.

Perfect for the homeowner without a fenced yard; the heavy duty exercise pen can become a permanent fixture in the back yard. The connecting pins can be pressed into soft earth for added stability. The kennel run can also be used to wall off areas of the yard, or to protect air conditioning compressors from male dog "hiking."

The heavy duty playpen can also be used indoors to create safe spaces in open floor plan homes. For hardwood flooring, we added rubber feet to the panels, so you keep your dog out of the dining area or away from valuable furniture and antiques.

  • Includes 16 panels, 2 with gates
  • Each Panel is 40" High, 31.5" Wide
  • Tool Free Setup
  • Two easy to open doors each with two latches
  • Heavy Duty 1/2" Tube Frame.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Up to 75 square foot play area
  • Ships in two boxes for easy handling
  • Easily combine multiple heavy duty pet playpens to create a fenced in yard!
  • Connecting Rods can be used as stakes in soft earth
Ideal for non climbing pets including rabbits, turtles, chickens or ducks with trimmed wings, puppies, dogs and guinea pigs.
  • Jinny L - I bought this for when we get together with family and friends to keep the dogs together, while we're barbecuing, etc. Nothing is worse than multiple dogs getting together, and ruining the get together by constantly pestering diners for food. This playpen works perfectly to keep the dogs together and relatively calm. It's very easy to put together and take down and doesn't take much space when storing... easily fits in the corner of the garage. The run is very well made and holds up to the elements. Compared to other cages that look identical, the price for this cage is almost 30% cheaper with no sales tax for my state. All in all a darn good deal!

    H.T. -
    Came fast. Setup was easy, no directions needed. Works best on level ground. We doubled it capacity by butting it up to the back of the house. Dogs have plenty of room to run while I shower in the morning.

    Carolyn A - Easy to setup and easy to move once the puppies have run down all of the grass in their pen.

    David M. -
    We put 2 of these together to create a large indoor pen for our puppy while he is potty training. This works pretty well, but can use a few tweaks to improve it. Our puppy is about the size of a cat and is about 7 pounds. One and a half of these units created a 6 x 12 play area, or something close to that for him.

    - This is nice and tall. That is why I chose it. Our last (medium sized) puppy figured out how to climb and jump out of our last pen very quickly, rendering it useless. There is no way this puppy can escape this pen when we are out.
    - It is easily expandable with additional units and is very flexible (good and bad), so it can be arranged to fit almost any space.
    - It’s pretty easy to put together and only takes a few minutes. It helps to have 2 people for sure, and then it’s really easy. You line up the holes in adjacent panels and drop in a metal rod.
    - Can be used indoors or out (supposedly, although I wonder if the spikes are really long and thick enough to keep it stable.)

    Sadie, J -Good value for a medium size pen, while we wait for the contractor to come one day to build a fence at our new home.

    Jerri L - Came in 2 boxes. One box was pretty torn up by the carrier. Was missing 2 of the connecting rods and one panel was bent. Emailed and got replacements within the week. Easy vendor to deal with, great product.

    Sheila C - We h
    ave a new Bernese Mountain dog puppy coming this week- 8 weeks old and weighing 18 pounds- this will be great during those chewing puppy stages. Will provide an update once the puppy has been in it, but I don’t foresee any issues- went together simple and sturdy enough the pup won’t be knocking it down.

    Update -- Puppy can move it some on hardwood floors, but the rubber feet on it do well to keep it from sliding around a lot. Great when we are cooking and eating to keep him from getting into trouble, while we are not watching him.

    Nell L - Great deal; we bought 2 of these and it only took 30 minutes to setup. To add to the stability on a long stretch we did a little "v" with 2 panels in the middle of the stretch and then it was very secure and stable. Makes it a little "fancier" lol.

    Fairlie S - Prices keep going up on these pens; this was the best price I have found. Still good quality; still easy to set up. No instructions required.

    Jeff B - Came quickly and easy to put together. I am satisfied with this purchase, only wish I had bought the pen sooner.

    Jim J - Instant dog run! We were looking at fencing the yard, but right now lumber and labor are through the roof, so this was the next best option while we wait to save up for that project. It will be easy to take down, next time we have family over during covid, and they can help put it back in place after the get together!

    Mary N - Just bought another one to add to my ever growing vegetable garden. The ones I bought 5 years ago are still in pretty good condition. The paint is weathered, but not rusted. Keeps the deer and rabbits out!

    Shelly M - Just what I needed for potty training my new puppy. We are planning on fencing the backyard, but had to put that on hold. This lets me put the little guy out while I get a few things done in the house, and voila, puppy potties, while I get a few things done.

    Dianne O -
    These are perfect because you can use as many or few of the pieces as you need/want and combine with additional pens, so you can make it as large or small as you want.

    Evelyn N -
    The sections come partially wrapped to protect them from damage during transit. We created two pens from our purchase - one for outside and one for inside. The sections are joined together through a rod that forms a temporary hinge with alternating flanges on each section.
    Carry K - Looks so much better and more elegant than the old chain link run we had, and it is so much more flexible! Very satisfied with this dog run!

    Gary Z - Ordered this pen for my new puppy. It took a couple of days longer than I had hoped to arrive, but much better than the 30 days Amazon promised me. Came with no directions, but was pretty self explanatory to put together. Overall I am pleased with this purchase.

    Jack K -
    A really great product! It comes in 8 lightweight sections, that are held together by placing a rod through 4 loops - when put together it is very sturdy and easy to configure any way you want. Very sturdy gate that swings open. Our grand dogs don't seem to mind it at all- 45 pound border collie and 30 pound Goldendoodle. When we need to separate them in the house we just pull each pin, carry the 8 sections in the house, and replace the pins- takes about 5 minutes to do , making it very versatile and would be easy to take anywhere. When excited to see people the dogs jump up on the sides and the fencing is quite sturdy and does not move. We highly recommend this playpen.

    Mark G -
    Used this heavy duty dog pen as a pool barrier!! I ordered 4 of them and they all arrived together, in 2 days time. All was in good order, and installation was a snap. It took me about an hour and a half to construct the entire pool barrier; no tools required. I installed the fences with the opening latches facing inward to deter my toddler from being able to easily maneuver them. They worked exactly as I had hoped, and I now can let my baby wander a bit without fear of her charging into the pool.

    Sally S. -
    This pen is much easier to assemble and disassemble than even a small rabbit cage sold in pet stores. It's also way easier to clean than a standard rabbit cage, plus the rabbits need more room to run around during the day than most people think, so this cage is the best for me AND my buns. I've tried every type of cage out there and I have to say I don't think I'll ever go back to a small rabbit cage when keeping rabbits as pets. I had tried it all and was sick of the amount of work it took to fold them up and/or clean them. Telling my fellow rabbit people that this is the BEST!

    Mary M. - Great pen for the price!! It is very sturdy and the connecting pins are much thicker and stronger than my previous pen. Those pins bent if the ground was hard. With these I could take a hammer to drive them into the ground - now it is super stable! Also the panels have little rubber pads on the bottom, if you wanted to bring some panels inside, to prevent it from slipping on hard surfaces. A real improvement over past pens of this style. Kudos!!

    Alvin I.
    Bought 2 pens and put them together for keeping ducks safe from foxes and other predators. Very spacious and easy to move panels around to let the ducks forage in fresh grass. Plenty of room to put in a small plastic pool for them to cool off in.

    Benton H.-
    Multiple uses and good quality. I put two together and set it up to keep my ducks in an area to free range, without free ranging the whole yard. I also use this for integrating new geese and ducks into the flock, or isolation for wound recovery, and rabbit pen.

    Higgins R. - Ordered 2 of these extra large pens to create a good sized turnout area for my pups at our new house. We plan on putting up a privacy fence, but have a lot of other renovations to make as well. This takes the pressure off til we get to that project.

    Newson C. -
    Great product; great price! My wife had it setup before I got home. We decided to relocate it, and that took all of 10 minutes with two of us setting the pen up.

    David W. -
    Came fast in 2 boxes, so it was easy to get into the backyard. Setup was tool free as advertised. Entrance gate is a little narrow for humans, but just right for our 80 and 85 pound goldens. Good value. I can see us getting more for the RV setup in the summer (24 inch tall as shown in one of the photos to secure the undercarriage of the RV.

    Sally M. - Perfect! Simple to setup, and soooo much cheaper than an electric fence or hiring someone to put up a chain link fence (which my association would have had a fit over). Since it is not "permanent" fencing, I did not have to get HOA approval for it. Ha - love it twice ovrer for that.

    Ken M - I bought 1 set to use when we go camping, it was plenty of space but I have decided to purchase one more set so there will be more space for not only our dogs, but for us too. We set our chairs in the pen, so we can sit with our dogs. Even with half the pen on pavement and the other half staked in the ground, it was very sturdy. To secure underneath our trailer, we used a small piece of chain link fence and bunggied it to the step, making it even more sturdier.

    Jane J - Perfect for my puppies. They tear up the grass in no time, and this is so easy to move, I can keep them clean on new grass every few days.

    Cathy S. - Very easy to setup for one person; I had it done in 20 minutes. It is ideal for our new puppy. She can't climb out and it is very stable even when she throws herself in a full body slam against the panels when she sees me coming. lol

    Kim H. - Easy to setup and take down on our weekend RV trips to herding events. The dogs are safe and secure, and it works well on a fairly level surface.

    Jenny M -
    Wow - Great product. It arrived yesterday and I set it up by myself in about 25 minutes. It looks sleek and professional and is very stable in the rectangular configuration. My husband was so impressed when he got home, especially since he did not have to help on Saturday to set it up. Our new puppy loves it, and we feel comfortable leaving him unattended for 10 -15 minutes at a time.

    Sadie B - I use it during the day when I am at work to keep my puppy (2 yr old pit bull at 35 lbs) and my senior (16 yr old border collie at 45 lbs) from making mayhem. I sometimes make it bigger and keep the 75 lb GSD in it, when I'm cleaning and want to keep them from walking through bleach or lapping 409 off the walls (yikes...).

    Pros: it does indeed keep my 2 smaller dogs in place while I am at work! No more chewed up things or fishing my stuck senior from tight places he's accidentally wedged himself into!

    It is tall enough they can't jump it, and also stable enough when just using tension rods that good dogs can't get out.

    Jack D. - What a life saver this pen turned out to be. We set this pen up in our yard for our dog to play and potty in. Then grandkids came to visit, and the youngest turns out to be allegic to dogs. We hosed off one gate and 5 panels, and brought them into the house, to keep Ben away from the grandkids, in the keeping room, and still had a good sized pen outside for Ben to play in. Each panel is light weight and easy to clean and reconfigure. I would recommend this setup to anyone.

    Marci N - Great value! I have bought similar pens in the past, and the connecting rods on these are much thicker. They hold up to being planted in the dirt without bending like coat hanger wire. To make it more secure and keep my dogs cooler in the summer, I bungeed a large sun shade across the top of it. The breeze keeps the dogs cool, while they can run around a bit in this larger pen.

    Kris - The unit comes in sixteen sections. Each section is about 31" wide , so if you just made a square pen it would be about 100 square feet. I own about five of these pens, and I put them in all kinds of configurations. Also, I must take a moment to say that this is a GREAT pen and a super deal with excellent quality!

    Guy T. - Really nice. Yes, you have to push the hinge /anchors into the ground, which can be a pain if the ground it hard. BUT, you can DO it. Most other enclosures leave you with no anchors but for what you can supply on your own. The door locking mechanisms can be hard to slide because the back end of the wire locks hits the welded cross wires in the gate. Bending the interfering wire away solved that. Unpacking it takes a bit of time, and there is a lot of tape. But it's a one time job you'll never have to do again.

    Steve B. - Had a last minute trip to my brother's new house to help out. Couldn’t find doggy care in time; read reviews and ordered hoping it would work for a Great Dane male. Our Dane is good about fences and lines, but I wasn’t to sure about this. It is incredible!!!! My Dane and Pitty absolutely respect it, as if it were permanent structure! SUPER EASY to set up and stacks great under the RV. I bought two to form a front yard/dog run for the RV. Very satisfied and will take this camping all the time every time. No more stress or leashes tied to stakes for our sites!

    Mary K. - Great pen at a great price. Really heavy duty with strong pins to press into the ground. Previous pens I have purchased had connecting pins like coat hangers that bent and bowed instead of pressing into the soft soil. This feels really secure once you place it in place and hammer down on the rods. They will go in at least 4 inches, which makes it feel really solid. Very happy with this purchase. Fast delivery too!

    Jim L. - Nice big pen; ample room for the boys to run around in. The only negative is that is does not setup well on a slope. You need a fairly level piece of property for this to be stable. Otherwise, it is perfect for our needs, just had to set it up farther away from the back door than I had intended.

    Dorothy - Super sturdy pen. I can leave my dogs out all morning while I get ready for work with no worries about them getting loose. I love that they get extra time out while I shower.

    Kari - Needed a temporary (1-2 month) pen for my backyard for a rescue I was fostering. This did the trick perfectly. It sets up and comes apart easily. We had a barbeque over the holiday, and it was easy to remove it to the garage for the afternoon. The last family to leave helped me set it up again in about 3 minutes. It will easily fit in my garage corner, when I am waiting for the next rescue to foster.

    Kim H. - Used this fencing as a pool barrier!! I ordered 4 of them and they all arrived together, in 2 days time. All was in good order and installation was a snap. It took me about an hour and a half to construct the entire pool barrier; no tools required. I installed the fences with the opening latches facing inward to deter my toddler from being able to easily maneuver them. They worked exactly as I had hoped and I now can let my babe wander a bit without fear of her charging into the pool.

    Sheryl - I ordered one, and loved it, so ordered 2 more to connect to make a larger play area. One of the boxes arrived with no connecting rods. I’m now waiting to hear from the company about what can be done. I was hoping to get this set up yesterday and was so disappointed the rods were missing.
    Update: excellent customer service. Promptly replaced the connector rods and I now have 3 of these connected to make a larger outside play area for my dogs. Love it so far.

    Moni P -
    I almost sent these back as the box was damaged, but upon further inspection, it was great. Bought these for camping with the dogs, but we use them at home too. They are very handy to have, very sturdy.

    Stacy R -
    Instead of using it in a circle I wrapped it around the corner of the garage so they can get a little shade. Very versatile and portable.

    I received this item at a small discount in exchange for a honest review. Similar pens at chain stores cost twice as much.

    Ned B -
    Thanks to Hurricane Irma, we have had to stay with friends in the Atlanta area. They don't have a fenced yard, and our dogs need some time off lead in the mornings and evenings. This pen does the trick. It's a great solution for temporary fencing, that does not spoil our hosts yard. We will be bringing it home with us too; looks like it will work well to plug any holes that opened up in our fencing. Thanks for the quick delivery!

    Kris B - We bought 2 of these to use for our dogs when we are camping. We also bought 1 of the 24" tall sections that goes under the camper and with the 3 combined sections we have a large secure area for our dogs. It looks great and keeps our pets safe from others. It assembles and comes down quickly which is very important as you don't want to be wasting tons of time while enjoying time off. I made a rack on the back of our camper that holds the entire system, from the time we park until it is entirely setup is less than 20 minutes. We as well as the dogs LOVE IT, I would definitely recommend this product. BTW, the price was right for the quality of the product as well as the flexibility it provides when setting up in uneven areas.

    KM Wilson - I absolutely love this product! I intentionally waited 2 years before writing this review to see how this product would hold up. It has gone through 2 very bad winters and has lasted exceptionally well. It has NOT been knocked over by winds nor my dog. I just bought 2 more to place on the other side of my yard and combined them to make that area larger. I'm very satisfied with this product and would eagerly recommend it to anyone. The first one I bought doesn't have the original shine, but it still serves it's function properly - and that's all that really matters. Just a tiny amount if rust around a few hinges which considering the elements it has been exposed to (storms and snow up to 2 feet) is remarkable.

    Jerri S. - Love this dog play pen, it's just what I needed to keep in the pups, I originally order 2 sets and just ordered another to expand the area. I live in a mobile home park and space is limited and a regular fence is very costly. If you are looking for something to keep the small dogs in the yard this is your product.

    Missy B - Use this for deer fencing on our little vegetable plot. We placed a yard ornament in the center and dreaped deer fencing over it and the side. Perfect! Only little critters are able to steal our veggies now.

    Justin M - Perfect for our new puppy. We set it up around the doggie door, so he has very quickly learned to go out for his potties. Now we have a lot less to clean up, and we know he is safe in his little piece of the backyard.

    Jesi - I have recommended this to everyone I know. Wow wish I had known about these pens years ago. Affordable easy to use easy to move. Perfect for all kinds of pets from chickens to dogs. GREAT GREAT GREAT!! I did have a problem with one of the two pens I purchased being damaged in shipping. The seller was great and helped me get the parts I needed replaced very quickly!!! I plan on buying two more!!

    James Craig -
    We were having a terrible problem with deer eating everything in our vegetable garden. I looked at some of the plastic ring options with deer netting on them, but decided to give this portable fencing a try. It worked perfectly. With the two gates, we can access the garden easily from either side, and for heavy work, just pull out the pin and swing a panel open to access our crop. We did drape some deer netting over the top just to be safe. Now we only have the insects to worry about!

    Carole K - I bought these fences and put them together to give my bunnies some outside room to roam. They are very sturdy and were extremely easy to put up and place where I wanted them. I did it by myself in about 20 minutes. It comes with two gates so I have one on each side of their new area. They work very well and there is plenty of room to get in and out with no problems. I am very happy with this purchase.

    Cindy H. - Attached this to my 10x10ft dogs' kennel, and added some solar lights to the setup. My dogs absolutely love it! I plan to buy one more soon, so that it will be even bigger. This product is truly a life changer!

    Jack Lee -
    Great product! Works wonderful for my dogs. I don't have to worry about them anymore when I leave them out. You can buy extra sets of panels; they interlock with each other. I bought 2 sets and use them all outside together. Great product, works exactly like I wanted it to.

    Susan Carlson - We used it to setup two play areas, a small one in the house for when we are out during the day, and a larger one for potty breaks while we get ready for work in the mornings. Perfect!

    Mary K - This pen worked out great for us. We have a small unfenced yard, and were able to wrap it around the side of the house to give him extra play area. It is sturdy even on unlevel ground.

    Julie B - So great for our new lil pup! We took her to the lake this weekend, where there is no fence, and didn't have to worry about her while we were inside. She got to enjoy the gorgeous Texas fall with the other dogs, without getting lost or fall into the lake.

    TM J - We waited to write this review after the dreaded fourth of July. This was the ultimate test was to see if our dog would tear out of the playpen while we had fireworks going off. She tried her best to escape but the product held up. It has been a spacious and sturdy exercise pen.

    Sarah K. -
    It's great but gate could be bigger , still it's working great for us.

    Colleen C - I got more than I expected on this purchase. The each of panels is connected by a single rod which is easily removed, so you can use as many of the panels as you need at a given time. It's easy to break down and store. The rods which connect the panels are great for taking the pen outside because it allows you to push them into the ground for added strength to the structure.

    John Morgan - We are using sections of this playpen indoors to keep pups out of the living room / dining room area, since we have large arched doorways that are too big for traditional gates. It has worked out great; the two gaits let us access the area from either doorway without having to dismantle the fencing.

    Kelly K. - This is EXACTLY what I've been searching for. I live in an RV and I wanted something to keep my pets in, to be safe from the road and other animals. I ordered one and put it together in 10 minutes, which gave me and my fur babies a good start. I will be getting one more, and that will be the perfect amount of yard room. Next time I will spray a clear coat where the metal pieces meet in each panel because I had rust the very first day after a brief sprinkle.

    Jill D. - Such a great purchase! I use it as a playpen for my new puppy. It's very sturdy, spacious, and flexible. I can pretty much shape the playpen into any shape and make it roomier or narrower if needed. Very happy with this product.

    George K. -
    We bought this for our German Shepherd puppy to put outside our dog door while our Pup was potty training and learning the backyard before giving her full range. It's a great size both in height and actual pen size and the locking on it is great as well.

    James D. Great product for what we needed. We bought this for our wiener dog and yorkie. I have also used it for our cocker spaniel. Very easy to assemble and disassemble to move elsewhere. Love that it can be configured in many different shapes. Our wiener dog is quite pushy and doesn't like to be penned up. He can push the edges around, but has yet to escape from it.

    Liza Kelly -
    This is a great little pen especially for the price - we go camping on a wooden platform every year and it works perfect to contain my Two Golden retrievers when they need a nap or are not on the tie outs. We use straps and nails to secure it to the platform , and as long as it's not on a slick surface it's pretty sturdy on its own. My only warning is that it will rust easily so make sure to dry it off.

    AussieLovers -
    Simply put, these are without a doubt the best play pens on the market. We are breeders and have about a dozen sets now and they can be used for so many different purposes.
    They are made so much better than any other pen we have tried over the years, and they last forever. The rods that hold them together can get bent easily in shipping (send photos of bent rods to ask for repacements), but are still so convenient and the pens can be taken apart and moved around so easily. If you set the pen up to be permanent, I do not use the rods and replace them with small bolts and nuts and this does away with the rods and makes the pen very solid.

    Excellent product well made and well worth the extra $ if you are thinking about buying the economy play pens that are half the price.

    Sarah A.
    This pen is very well made and simple to set up. We bought it to yard train our new puppy. She started doing her business the first day. She still goes in it now after 4 months. Love it.

    Sean Wilson - Boxes came pretty beat up. One was torn open a a couple of rods were missing ans one was sticking out bent. Emailed Petgiftsonline and they quickly sent out 6 replacement rods. Just had to wait to get all of the panels setup, but now it looks good, and the dogs love it.

    Bill K. - I set this playpen in my family room so my 13 week old puppy would have a nice contained area to stay while I was away from home. It is perfectly sized to keep him contained and safe. I have it set up in an "L" shape with 4 separate areas: sleep, play, eating, and on the end an area lined with puppy pads where he can relieve himself. The sides are very sturdy (actually kind of heavy) & tall enough that I have no worries of him escaping.

    I had previously purchased another smaller, plastic pen that was much smaller and I was constantly worrying that I would come home to find that he had escaped and made a mess of the house. This heavy duty pen has solved that problem.

    Jenny M - I love this pet playpen. We have used this so many times now and I can't imagine not having it. Our last foster dog had surgery, and this was perfect for him to relax in while still being in the living room with us. I love that you can configure it many different ways and adjust the size by adding or removing panels. It is very easy to set up and break down, and does not take up a lot of room when storing. You can buy multiples and add them to make them even bigger to put outside.

    Mary M -
    We bought this for our German Shepherd puppy to put outside our dog door while our Pup was potty training and learning the backyard before giving her full range of our fenced yard. It's a great size both in height and actual pen size and the locking on it is great as well. What I did not like was the poles used to connect the gates together. If you do not have a completely flat surface (like our backyard) they don't line up all the way and the paint chips right off when sliding the poles in. Would recommend to other people great price!!