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Isle of Dogs Whitening and Brightening Shampoo Isle of Dogs No. 62 Coature Primrose Oil Grooming Spray - 250ml
Isle of Dogs No. 16 EPO WHITE COAT SHAMPOO 250ml
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Sale Price: $24.99
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The Choice of Top AKC show dogs and their handlers. This product works by placing optical enhancers, suspended by the primrose oil within the shampoo, into the coat. It does not contain bluing agents or dyes that can be harmful to the skin and coat. Designed to improve coat texture, facilitate brushing, prevent or alleviate dry skin, add shine, and promote healing.

  • Suitable for everyday use.
  • For whiter whites and cleaner-looking dogs - reduces staining from Red Clay
  • No chemical dyes *Evening Primrose Oil for relief of dry skin and itchiness
  • Lightly scented for long-lasting freshness
Evening primrose oil and herbal extracts combine to sooth skin, alleviate flakes, and add shine to dull coat, and relieve itchy skin.
  • Regular use will bring beautiful luster to any coat.
  • For prevention and/or control of dry and flaky skin, use daily.
  • Subtle fragrance eliminates any odor associated with irritable skin conditions.