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Pet Stroller Sale!Pets love to go exploring to enjoy the sights and smells of the neighborhood and of course to be anywhere you are! Pet strollers offer a convenient solution to bringing your cat or small dog along for the walk or ride.  Injured and elderly pets will benefit too.

Wags and Whiskers offers the widest variety of Pet Strollers including bike trailers, jogging strollers and weather-proof strollers. Each model comes in a variety of colors to suit your cat or dog's style. Scroll down to learn more tips on selecting the right stroller for your pets needs and your lifestyle.

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Practical Considerations for Selecting A Pet Strollers: 
Various situations such as travel, infirmity of the pet or owner and exercise restrictions may necessitate a pet stroller or bike trailer. When selecting a pet stroller appropriate for your cat or dog’s needs, you will want to take several considerations into account. 

Be sure to check the weight limit on the stroller and that it will easily accommodate the pet or pets that you intend to take for a ride. 
  • If you enjoy biking long distances but hate leaving your pet behind, consider investing in a bicycle stroller. These strollers allow you to exercise your pet up to his personal comfort zone, and then to take him along for the rest of the ride in a well ventilated trailer that provides protection from the sun. For extra stability during frequent starts and stops, choose a pet stroller trailer with 3 wheels. 
  • Larger wheels provide more stability and a smoother ride in off-road terrain.  However, they add weight to the stroller.  If you are seeking a stroller for shopping errands, and quick in and outs from the car, invest in a lighter weight small 4 wheel model.
  • For an injured or temporarily disabled animal, select a stroller with excellent visibility and ventilation for your walks or runs. A rewarding outdoor experience for an injured pet will improve his attitude, alleviate anxiety and promote healing. 
  • For households with a combination of small dogs and big dogs, consider adding a pet stroller to the mix. As the smaller dogs tire, they can be loaded into the stroller to enjoy the rest of the walk. This ensures that you and Rover get your exercise, while Fifi does not experience the disappointment and anxiety of being left behind. For joggers, the 3 wheel Pet strollers with larger wheels offer the most maneuverability on all terrains. 
  • Four-legged Flying: The Four-In-One strollers are an excellent solution for pet airline travel. These pet strollers can be used as a car seat, stowed under-seat as the on-board carrier and converted back to stroller to get you and your pet smoothly from your home, to the gait and hotel room. 
  • Elderly dog owners find several benefits in using pet strollers. Strollers can add stability, much in the same way a walker does. As people age and concerns about their balance increase, elderly pet owners can begin to fear being tripped or pulled down by their dogs on a walk. Pet strollers allow pet and owner to walk safely, at the owners pace, with minimal fear of losing balance or tripping.  Choose a four wheel stroller for added stability.